10 - 12 September 2023

Egypt International Exhibition Centre

What is Sahara?

Sahara is the commercial heart and crop production hub for Egypt and the MENA region. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Sahara helps you create the networks that you need to expand your business. It is a trusted source of new technologies and information for the whole domestic market, from the smallest farmers, to the biggest agribusinesses and government ministries.

As the global business environment & trends continue to change and shift towards digitalization, Sahara is offering it’s stakeholders a set of digital solutions and opportunities to extend their reach beyond the exhibition days to learn more about their target customer’s online behavior, enhance product launch strategies, and generate new sources of revenue.

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Exhibition Sectors

Sahara Serving the Entire Agricultural Sector

  • Sahara brings together local and regional manufacturers and traders from across the value chain.
  • The show represents a unique opportunity, to build networks and drive sales, with more than 20,000 targeted visitors over 4 days. 
  • Covering prosperous and growing markets in the important region of Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.
  • Supporting the industry through disseminating knowledge, best practices and innovative solutions all year round. 
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Sahara Reports Brings You Agricultural Insights

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Available Now: Sahara Farm to Fork Report from Euromonitor

37% of all global land is used in agriculture adding up to 49m SQM, which drives the need to operate sustainably, as demand for food security increase 1/3 of research respondents in the Middle East and Africa said they “expect to invest more in localized production in the future”.

Take a closer look at trends shaping the future such as vertical farming which consumes 95% less water compared to traditional open-field agriculture.

Download From Farm to Fork Euromonitor report for more insights brought to you by Sahara.

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