Sahara Seminar Powered by AHDO

Food safety and Good Agricultural Practices Impacts on Achieving Food Security in Egypt and Developing Countries

During the seminar, Experts will discuss the effective implementation of food safety management systems, good agricultural practices and the reliable verification tools

used in Agri business and their related supply chains.

The matter will improve the food quality and safety that result in human health improvement and finally achieving food security and sustainability.

Location: Plaza, 1st floor, Conference room 1

Date & Time: September 11th, from 11 AM to 5 PM



OpeningFood Safety Impacts on Sustainable Development

  • Dr. Mamdouh Issa

AHDO International Food Safety and Sustainable Development Expert


Food Safety begins at the Farm

  • Prof. Dr. Hassan Abu Baker

Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University


Sustainable management of soil, water and agricultural biodiversity in the new lands and their relationship to food security and nutrition

  • Prof. Dr. Emad Salam

Desert Research Center - FAO


GIZ Efforts to Achieve Food Safety

  • Dr. Waleed Ramadan and Dr. Lamiaa Melegui

Agriculture Innovation Project - GIZ


The role of Agricultural Export Council in achieving food safety requirements in agricultural exports

  • Mr. Hani Hussein

CEO - Agriculture Expert Council (AEC)


Ways to improve the Egyptian food security situation in light of the current challenges

  • Prof. Dr. Sahar Al-Bahaea

National Institute of Planning


Food Safety Policy and System in Egypt and Accredited Laboratories Role

  • Prof. Dr. Hend Abdellah

QCAP Director - ARC, Ministry of Agriculture



Bees Role to Achieve Food Security: Building the Bridge out of Flowers to Table

  • Prof. Dr. Hatem Sharaf

Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University


The Importance of Leading Efforts to Adapt to Climate Change with Local leadership to Achieve Food Security

  • Dr. Howaida Nagy



The Impacts of Coding Farms on the Production of Safe Food for Local and Global Consumers

  • Dr. Mohamed Mansy

Director of Exporters Service Central Administration for Plant Quarantine (CAPQ)


Good Agricultural Practices Impacts on Food Security

  • Dr. Mohamed El Mohamady

Technical Manager - LandOLakes TAIB/Farmer2Farmer