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Sahara offers you valuable insights into the agriculture industry in Egypt, Africa and the MENA region through various market reports.

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Agriculture overview in Egypt report

Agriculture Overview in Egypt Report

Historically Egypt has always seen itself as a farming nation. The Agriculture Sector provides livelihoods for 55%of the population and directly employs about 30% of the labor force. The sector accounts for about 20% of total exports and foreign exchange earnings. However, Egypt imports about 40% of its food requirements and incurs a total food import bill of $2.5 billion per year.

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Sahara Farm to Fork Report from Euromonitor

37% of all global land is used in agriculture adding up to 49m SQM, which drives the need to operate sustainably, as demand for food security increase 1/3 of research respondents in the Middle East and Africa said they “expect to invest more in localized production in the future”.

Take a closer look at trends shaping the future such as vertical farming which consumes 95% less water compared to traditional open-field agriculture.

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