About the Sectors

Sahara was launched in 1987 with the aim of gathering all fields of agriculture in one place once a year. The agricultural field is very wide and has different branches. That's why in Sahara most of the agricultural sectors are covered; helping farmers, investors, traders, and more to connect and widen their agriculture business.

The sectors covered in Sahara are:

Farm Infrastructure

Farm Infrastructure is arguably the most essential input in the agricultural cycle.

Agricultural Materials & Applications

In Sahara Agriculture Materials and Applications is the main focus of the show as most of the exhibitors cover that section.


Sahara's specialized section in that sector is important to the exhibitors as it helps them preview their products for a wide range of potential visitors. 


Agro-processing lines and equipment companies will meet with farmers and agricultural investors looking for innovative ways to add value to their products.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is a growth area within Egypt, focusing on producing crops and livestock while having minimal effects on the environment.

Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery is an integral part of the farming process, and a major investment for farmers. With nearly 15m people working in agriculture in Egypt, this is a huge sector.


Building on the success of the seminar program initiated in 2018, this year Sahara will focus on the sector for the first time.

Dairy & Cattle Production