Justifing your Leave

In today's economic climate, many travel and training budgets have been cut and some organisations are experiencing severe financial restraints, which means that regardless of the merits of an exhibition or conference, you may need to justify your time out of the office and any expenses incurred.

We have compiled a useful toolkit of resources that you can use to present to your manager to justify your expenses and time out of the office when attending Sahara 2020.

Each of the templates can be personalised to suit your specific requirements.

Please click on the relevant image below to download the document.

Benefits & General Advice

Experts agree that the top benefit of attending an exhibition is the chance to network as you will rarely find so many industry contacts in one location.

The networking opportunities at these events enable you and your company to find out information and learn from fellow industry professionals who may be aware of developments and initiatives relevant to your company.  

Expenses Calculator

A number of factors affect the expense of attending an exhibition. In order to justify visiting an event and the expenses you require for it, you first need to clearly outline what they will be.

The following ‘Expenses Worksheet’ provides a template for calculating the costs to be covered

Letter for your Manager

You can use this letter as a template cover letter along with the supporting documents to justify your visit to Sahara exhibition. Just complete the areas in red to make the letter relevant to your company and job role.