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Kafr ELZayat Pesticides & Chemicals Co

61 Hussain St., MohandessenCairo

Producing, forming and filling of pesticides (Agriculture, public health, veterinary, house hold, agri-fertilizer, bio products with its various shapes (W.P, E.C, S.C, S.L, S.P, D, GR) besides (Aerosols, air fresheners).The company has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, and ISO 18001. We have a production branch for bio-compounds or organic for bio-technology, in Nubaria city. Our company has a decontamination team that works all over the country to serve you and protect you from harmful pesticides, that harm public health in: (Touristic villages, hotels, houses, hospitals, metro stations and petrol companies).-We have a high level of guides, that can supply services for clients, before and after sales.-We also have heat treatment equipment, for wood pallets for export.-Our production is done according to the needs of the international and local markets.