Meet Our Speakers

Mohamed El Qersh is the Assistant Minister of Agriculture, the Official Spokesperson for the Ministry, and the supervisor of the digital transformation of agriculture. He is also the recipient of the government excellence award and the global SAG award. He also holds PhD in Veterinary Medicine Sciences from Zagazig University “Molecular Diagosis of AIV from Different Avian Species”, Master in Veterinary Medicine sciences from Zagazig University “A Trial for preparation of AIV inactivated Vaccine”, Diploma in Vet. Med. Sciences from Zagazig University, and Specific and General Virology Bachelor of Vet. Med. Sciences from Kafr Elshiekh University.

Dr. Samir Tantawi is a Senior climate change consultant with over 25 years of professional experience in climate change planning and strategizing, he has Ph.D., Master, and Diploma degrees in climate change vulnerability & adaptation assessment and modeling and a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics. Between 2002 and 2013 he worked for the Egyptian Ministry of Environment as a ‘Senior Climate Change Advisor’, and managed the Mitigation and Adaptation Depts. He has over 15 years of experience in climate change negotiations.

Tamer Mosalam is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director for Olayan Saudi Holding F&B investment in Egypt & North Africa. Tamer was the former CEO and board Member for Misr Investment & Export Development Co. Tamer comes from industrial, commercial, and global trade background, he led PepsiCo subsidiary and served as The Chief Executive Officer for GCC & Levant region, and PepsiCo JV General Manager based in Saudi Arabia. Tamer served as the Chairman, and CEO for PepsiCo Food Division and company owned business in Egypt and North Africa. Tamer holds the post of Vice-Chairman for AmCham Saudi Arabia.

With 16 years of experience in multiple international, corporate, and multi-national companies. Handling various positions in operations, supply chain, project management, export, B2B & B2C sales, business planning and development. EX- organizations covering all areas: Group Pyramid Egypt, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Target Sourcing Services /AMC, Retail , PepsiCo Egypt - Food and beverage, Raya Holding, Business development, Americana Group, Supply chain food manufacturing, & AL Monairy Group, Business development & Investments.

Karim is the Co-Founder and Director of Technology Operations Unit FarmGuru, a technology company that brings artificial intelligence to Egyptian and African farmers.
. He has been applying artificial intelligence for the past eight years to challenge interdisciplinary problems in several areas including agriculture.
Among the top 1% in the world in this field Kaggle Obtained two international patents and won many international artificial intelligence competitions to become the first Egyptian artificial intelligence expert on the platform.

Randa Habib- Founder & Principal Consultant- Regulatory Affairs Planning, Insights & Development Consultancy (RAPID)
Randa graduated from the American university in Cairo majoring in Chemistry, specializing in Industrial Chemistry followed by further studies in Nutrition, Total Quality Management, and sustainability.
She has moved to consulting in UAE after more than 10 year-experience in food & beverage regulatory affairs where she applied national food laws and took care of label compliance for Middle East & Africa markets. Her areas of expertise are Middle East & Africa Food Laws, Nutrition & Wellness, Clean Label, Food Adulteration and Fighting Food Waste.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sudanese-Egyptian Integration Center, Economist at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.He holds a doctorate degree in economics, also he is the former General Director of the Information Center of the Sudanese Ministry of Finance. 

Saifeldeen Mohamed is the Research Assistant at
Bioinformatics Department, at the Agriculture Genetic Engineering Research
Institute (AGERI) | ARC. He is also the Bioinformatics Research Associate at
the International Center for the Agriculture Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

Plant Nutrition Consultant at VAIS & Director of Artificial Intelligence Systems at Farm Guru. Experienced Consultant with plant nutrition.Skilled water and soil management , Table grapes production and Sustainability. Strong consulting professional with a master of agriculture focused in pomology (viticulture) Working with farmers in plant  production  In different areas in Egypt , the productions in all of These farms mainly for export to UK& Europe and localmarketAlso Making plans for control of Pestes & Diseases during the whole season.

Dr. Ryan Lefers is the Co-founder and CEO of RedSea, an innovative sustainable agtech company founded in the extreme climate of Saudi Arabia. Ryan holds a BS and MS in Agriculture Engineering from South Dakota State University and PhD in Environmental Engineering from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). As a professional engineer, researcher, and now CEO, Ryan has focused his efforts on systems that serve to advance water and food security in a sustainable way. 

Dr Hassan Holds a Bachelor of Agriculture, Lands Division, grade very good with honors, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, 1971, MA 1989 Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Lands, Mansoura University, and Ph.D. 1993, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Lands, Mansoura University. Dr. Hassan also Participated in research and applied work in the field of land improvement and maintenance - plant nutrition - development and modernization of field irrigation in Egypt - Tanzania - Uganda – Kenya. 

Sherine El-Wattar is a water management and governance specialist, who has worked as a consultant on water studies that address society, gender, challenges, opportunities of inclusion, technological access, and adoption, remote sensing analysis of agricultural productivity, and mapping of water stakeholders. Previously, she worked with Government, International, and consulting organizations in Egypt, Greece, and the Netherlands. She holds a MSc in water management and governance from IHE Delft, and BSc in Civil Engineering with a minor in water and environmental engineering from Cairo University.

Chief Executive Officer of the Egyptian Company for Agricultural & Rural Development S.A.E, An Agriculture Bank of Egypt Company An active CEO and board member with over 25 years of professional experience within diverse industries and projects. Throughout the career, worked with multinational, regional and local companies in addition to USAID funded project. Served professionally in an array of sectors; mainly leasing, ICT, automotive,trade, FMCG, health, agriculture and poultry. Expert in Restructuring and Capacity Building of the local teams

is an Egyptian irrigation engineer who started his career in 1993 as a site engineer in an Irrigation company for 6 years. After that Medhat moved to a new landscape company as projects manager for 5 years and he achieved a successful career helping the new company to grow. Before starting as Hunter area manager in Egypt in 2008, Medhat spent more than 4 years with Hunter distributor in Egypt working on introducing Hunter products to consultants, contractors, and traders. Medhat got his Ph.D. in Irrigation Water Management in 2012, and that’s helped him a lot to introduce Irrigation Smart solutions to North African markets. Medhat now is Hunter Area Manager in North Africa.

Marwa Hussein is the director of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Program at CARE International in Egypt. As part of her role, Marwa is responsible for leading and managing the implementation of CARE’s strategy for the development of the agriculture sector in Egypt. Marwa joined CARE in March 2019 to support the organization’s growing agriculture development portfolio where she found her passion in working with small farmers specially females and allow them to have equal opportunity as big farms in the market. The Agriculture and Natural Resources team serves small farmers and people working in the agriculture in multiple governorates.

Reham Yehia is a professional in agricultural waste management with a degree in International Agriculture specializing in Organic Farming and Sustainability. She has aided numerous small companies in their R&D, fundraising, and business development. Reham chosen among 15 leaders from Africa and Europe to gain an intensive mentorship on growth strategy & business modelling at Enpact organization based out of Berlin, Germany. She was also awarded a scholarship to study food security at Business School Netherlands. Reham is the Co-Founder of Baramoda, one of the top 10 sustainable companies in the Middle East, and Environeur, Egypt's first online platform for waste management

Climate Change Consultant Expert at Life From Water Ismael holds an advanced master's degree in Sustainable Urban Development from Technische Universität Darmstadt, with extensive expertise in climate resilience. He serves as a Climate Change Consultant at the Life from Water Foundation, specializing in sustainable water solutions for Egypt and Africa. His focus is enhancing water supply and addressing rural variability while prioritizing climate resilience. He's also a DATA Performance Specialist for the USAID-funded IWSSTA project in Cairo, collaborating with global experts on lasting water solutions in climate-affected areas. Ismael's background includes urban research, innovative water projects, and green construction initiatives. Certified by UNESCO and UNEP, his expertise integrates urban planning, sustainability, and climate resilience, all aimed at advancing eco-friendly urban solutions and improving water accessibility in communities.

Over 15 years of hands-on experience in preparing strategies, develop Egyptian exports of chemical and fertilizer industries, export plans including specialized international events and exhibitions, missions of foreign buyers on the sidelines of local exhibitions, organization of Trade missions for the ‎African ‎& European ‎markets to explore new markets, Business support and providing solutions for obstacles faced by ‎exporters ‎on their works with the governmental entities by dealing with (The ‎Egyptian ‎Commercial Service, Customs, General Organization for Export and Import ‎Control ). Mr. Mohamed also holds a Master of Business Administration – MBA, Business/Marketing, and Diploma in International Negotiations‎.

Farah is the co-founder of FreshSource, the region's first B2B agri-supply chain platform, leveraging technology to become the leading agri-supply chain platform in the MENA region, by changing the way fresh goods are sourced, moved and sold. Farah has extensive experience with start-ups and SMEs. Farah completed her Bachelor's Degree in Business, Economic Development and Public Policy at Durham University  and pursued a Master’s Degree in Management at the London School of Economics. Farah has worked in Procter & Gamble as the Head of the Strategic Communications Department as well as Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager at Endeavor.  

A dynamic pharmacist with an MBA and over 20 years of expertise in marketing, sales, and international logistics. His impact, however, extends beyond the pharmaceutical sector. Passionate about environmental sustainability, Mohamed is an eco-innovator making waves in plastic recycling.
Having already exported recycling solutions to 12 countries worldwide, Mohamed's efforts have significantly contributed to the global fight against plastic waste. But his dedication doesn't stop there. As a forward-thinker, he owns a fully automated Sandponic & Hydroponic farm, leading the charge in water recycling and sustainable agriculture to combat climate change.

is a marketing and advertising professional, passionate about international trade and climate change advocacy. With nearly two decades of experience and an MBA degree, he is on the verge of completing his Doctorate degree.
In 2016, he embarked on his international trade journey by establishing his first food trade branch in Turkey.
In addition, Ibrahim owns a fully automated Sandponic & Hydroponic farm, embracing modern technologies to combat climate changes and adapt to new circumstances. Concerned about climate change, he focuses on its impact on various sectors, especially agriculture.

is a sales and technical support professional with more than 25 Years of experience in different international irrigation companies in the MENA region. Now he is Elysée Irrigation Area manager for the MENA region.

Dr. Youssef Brouziyne is the International Water Management Institute’s (IWMI) Regional Representative – Middle East and North Africa, and CGIAR Water System Lead in MENA. He brings a diversified experience in sustainability stewardship and resilience building across the water and agricultural value chains in North Africa, West Africa, and Southern Europe with multinational agribusiness corporations and an applied research university in Morocco. Currently, together with a highly skilled team in the IWMI’s MENA office and a diversified panel of partners, Dr Brouziyne strives to help stakeholders in the MENA region move towards growth and sustainable development through innovative science-based water and climate solutions.

Heba is the Chief of Strategy & Knowledge for Misr Investment & Export Development Co. Leading on Central Bank of Egypt’s initiative to accelerate and support private sector performance as a means of achieving Egypt’s $100Bn Export vision, in addition to capitalizing on the competitive advantage for strategic industries and increasing the local content. Misr Investment is mandated to provide the private sector, strategic exporters abs SMEs with a range of services of high value added and support , along with constructing the foundation to long term B2B strategic landscape in targeted international and global markets

Mostafa Nabil is the Managing Partner for SME Consulting, and the Strategy Advisor for variousboards since 2015. Global Strategy Management Consultant with 14 years inconsulting corporate,government entities & startups. Responsible for financial & business analysis, strategy consulting and transformation mapping for projects with budgets up to 150 million USD with total projects worth more than 1.75 billion USD. He is an Accredited Reviewer for DIKMU German Institutefor small and medium-sized enterprises, and an active member at the International Institute OfBusiness Analysis, American Management Institute, CFA, Institute of ManagementAccountants, CFI, Project Management Institute

Abdelhamid is the EPC Manager, and a Member of the Steering Committee of the Hydroponics Project at Plug n Grow. He has an experience in the Management of Agricultural Projects (Hydroponics & Aquaponic and Roof garden) with Proven History in Work in the Agricultural Industry. Skilled in Agriculture, Team Leadership, Sustainable Agriculture and Site Management. He also provides consultancy and training in the Design and Implementation of Hydroponic and Aquaponic Systems. He is also an Indoor Farming / Agricultural Hydroponics Consultant at Schaduf.

Naglaa Ahmed, Project Manager of capacity building unit in rural areas at Heliopolis University.
+16 years of experience in managing and excursing rural development activities including organic agriculture practices, advocacy campaign that address climate change solutions and food security in cooperation with different international agencies. currently responsible for raising capacity building of 2000 farmers addressing regenerative agriculture. Naglaa Ahmed previously worked as business development manager in different agri. business companies for export fruits and vegetables

Mr. Anas is a project manager in the MENA region and regional coordinator at Delphy. Eng. Anas has managed, developed, and engaged in and contributed to several projects in the fields of sustainability, water management and agriculture with a strong focus on the Mediterranean region. He holds a Master's degree in water management, and his work on water-food-energy nexus modelling lay the foundation of his passion for multidisciplinary sustainability and WEF. He is also actively involved in training initiatives related to water management and sustainability.

Thoraya Seada, Director of the Carbon Footprint Center, Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development
Thoraya has over 14 years of experience in the fields of climate change and sustainable development, offsetting carbon projects, afforestation, soil carbon sequestration, UNFCCC, and CDM methodology. Carbon footprint assessment, water footprint assessment, true cost accounting, carbon sequestration assessment, and carbon savings assessment Sustainability reports and environmental research.
Thoraya Seada is now the director of the Carbon Footprint Center at Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development. Prior to that, she graduated in aeronautical engineering from the Egyptian Aviation Academy in 2009.

Mr Ali is a project manager MENA region at Delphy and a country responsible for Egypt. Throughout his career, he managed and coordinated successfully several commercial and international projects in Egypt and the MENA region. Mr Ali received his MSc degree in Sustainable Management of Water and Energy in Germany and his BSc degree in Water Engineering in Egypt. His areas of expertise include irrigation and water management, climate-smart agriculture and water-energy-food nexus"
Zakaria is a highly experienced professional in large-scale farm operations. As the Managing Director of Tamkeen Group, he leads strategic direction and daily operations. With a passion for sustainable agribusiness, Zakaria focuses on improving productivity while ensuring environmental sustainability. He values teamwork, problem-solving, and continuous improvement, fostering a collaborative work environment. Dedicated to making a positive impact on the industry's growth, Zakaria seeks innovative solutions and partnerships. With his expertise and strategic mindset, he aims to drive innovation, create opportunities, and contribute to the long-term success of agribusiness.

An active CEO and board member with over 25 years of professional experience within diverse industries and projects. Throughout the career, worked with multinational, regional and local companies in addition to USAID funded project. Served professionally in an array of sectors; mainly leasing, ICT, automotive,trade, FMCG, health, agriculture and poultry.Expert in Restructuring and Capacity Building of the local teams

Experienced marketer, with diverse knowledge in sales and marketing. Excellent team player with high communication and interpersonal skills. Exposing self as a team-player with an adaptive nature, being able to work on own initiative or as a part of a team with effective multitasking skills. Detail oriented and noticeably fast learner with strong problem solving and Leadership skills. Switched Career and decided to use the set of skills i have learned throughout my career to help create a greener and more sustainable world, have been reading, researching, trying, traveling, communicating and learning horticulture since 2019, as a family we have been doing agriculture for generations, so i have decided to use all those inputs and create a sustainable business that could deliver our message for generations to come, and actually make our world more green... The miracle of agriculture caught my mind and heart from a sustainable, clean and modern approach to horticulture, CEA, hydroponics, vertical farming and precision farming, microgreens, alot of my knowledge focus on the modern urban cultivation methods & practices, with good knowledge on commercial farming and strategic crops To be able to achieve this, with the great help and inputs of my team, we created a fully integrated supply chain of sourcing, servicing, developing and solving problems for farmers and growers, we do not only source inputs and supplies, we share knowledge, we operate projects, we develop growing greenhouses and design them, we help beginners and pros alike, we educate as we go, we do tailored services, we contribute to community, we believe in social responsibility, we research, we plan, we execute, we get results. We serve both hobby market and commercial scale with the same quality of service and brand promise. Blending the business and industrial mindset i am coming from and have always been a part of throughout my professional career, with the promoting and branding ideas and concepts nature i have gained as traits, with the horticultural and agricultural methodologies that have been the obsession of my life since 2019, i think i have found peace and for the first time in my life i can say, I was Born To Do This. I have made it my responsibility to spread this sustainable approach to everyone in my community and possibly globally. With the risks to food security, global warming consequences and environmental changes we are facing, i believe a greener resilient more sustainable community can be the answer. to plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow.

An active CEO and board member with over 25 years of professional experience within diverse industries and projects. Throughout the career, worked with multinational, regional and local companies in addition to USAID funded project. Served professionally in an array of sectors; mainly leasing, ICT, automotive,trade, FMCG, health, agriculture and poultry.Expert in Restructuring and Capacity Building of the local teams