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Sahara is rescheduled to 2021

The 33rd edition of Sahara planned to run from the 13th – 16th September 2020 in Cairo, Egypt will be rescheduled to 2021.

The current impact of COVID-19 has presented many challenges that prevent people from coming together in person. But we strongly believe in the importance of trade fairs and their ability to help rebuild societies and connect industries, once the world recovers from this crisis.

We have been working behind the scenes to find the most suitable alternative dates to organise the show this year. Yet after careful consideration and close consultation with our stakeholders, exhibitors and partners in the industry, we have decided that it would be best to move the show to its usual calendar date of September 2021, when international travel restrictions are improved to ensure the participation of a larger and wider range of international countries.

Sahara is committed to bringing people together to conduct business deals and support the recovery of the agriculture business. As such, we will be offering a variety of digital opportunities to help our community stay informed, engaged and connected beyond the four-day event.

 We look forward to welcoming you back next year.

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Placing Your Safety at the Heart of our Event

Sahara will be organized in accordance with Informa’s AllSecure health and safety standards. As the world’s leading events’ organizer, Informa has developed a detailed set of enhanced measures to provide the highest levels of hygiene and safety at its events, providing everyone with reassurance and confidence they are participating in a safe and controlled environment.

Industry News

Global Wheat market and food security

The Effect of COVID-19 on Global Wheat Market

Countries are concerned with food security for the year ahead amid the pandemic, hence stockpiling wheat which is reflecting on its prices. This is causing exporting countries such as Russia  to introduce an export quota and taxes. While major importing countries like Egypt and Turkey see an expected increase in the 2020-2021 year as the second wave of COVID spikes international tenders.

Black Sea wheat prices experienced extreme volatility during 2020, reaching a six-year high at $258.50/mt on Oct. 23 and again on Dec. 27, and continued to push further at historically high levels while production reached near-record levels in Russia. Demand for wheat from elsewhere is expected to remain strong during the second half of the 2020-21 season (July 1-June 30), providing support to high prices.

Published by: Hellenic Shipping News

Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation

EGP 59.5m in funding to develop 42 milk collection centres

Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation ElSayed ElKosayer has approved EGP 59.5m in funding to develop 42 milk collection centres in 6 governorates. The funding will be provided through the Agricultural Bank of Egypt (ABE), and will be used to establish, develop, and raise the efficiency and operation of the 42 milk collection centres.

ElKosayer said that milk collection centres have been termed as small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to benefit from the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) initiative offering 5% interest on financing. Milk collection centre owners have also been exempted from the legal requirement for financing. They have also been exempted from the interest in establishing new milk collection centres in places where small dairy cattle breeders and dairy producers are located.

Published by: Daily News on 9 January 2021

Egyptian strawberry

Egyptian Strawberry sales affected by Christmas markets

Egyptian strawberries are usually a hot item in the run-up to Christmas. Not this year, says Lucien de Wit of LuBa Fresh in the Netherlands. "Many chocolate-dipped strawberries are sold at Christmas markets. So, these markets are usually this product's most important sales outlet at this time of year. That's entirely not the case now." 

Published by: Fresh Plaza on 22 December 2020

Egypt’s national AI council discusses using technology in agriculture, irrigation

Egypt’s national AI council discusses the role of technology in agriculture

Egypt's National Council for Artificial Intelligence held its second meeting, which discussed the importance of using AI applications in agriculture, which is one of Egypt’s main economic sectors. The participants explored the technology’s possible role in overcoming the challenges that this vital sector faces, especially optimisation of irrigation and pesticides. At the same time, these applications will be used to help maintain soil fertility, as well as improve the overall quality of crops and the competitiveness of Egyptian products worldwide.

Published by: Daily News on 5 December 2020

Egypt's 2020 Exports reach 4.8 Mill tons with oranges and potatoes topping the list

Egypt's agricultural exports reach 4.8 Mill Tons

Egypt yearly exports agricultural products worth $2.2 billion, making up 10 percent of the country's non-petroleum exports. Egypt's agricultural exports have reached around 4.8 million tons in the period from 1 January to 25 November 2020, the country's Agriculture Minister El-Sayed El-Quseir announced on Thursday. The exports included citrus fruit, potatoes, onions, grapes, pomegranates, garlic, mangoes, strawberries, beans, guavas, cucumbers, bell peppers and eggplants, the statement added. Whereas in 2019, the volume of Egypt's agricultural exports reached approximately 5.4 million tons, according to the agriculture ministry. Egyptian farming products are found in 80 countries around the world, including Gulf and European Union countries, and China.

Published by: Ahram Online on 27 November 2020

Food and Agriculture Organization of the united nations

FAO continues its Rapid Water Accounting activities in Minya

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) implemented its second Rapid Water Accounting (RWA) workshop for the second site in Minya (1st workshop/site in Kafr El Sheikh), with the objective of presenting the progress made by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI) so far in water accounting and also collect information to update the rapid water accounting report. A total of 25 participants attended the three-day workshop, whom included representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, MWRI, and partner organizations.

Published by: FAO on 15 November 2020

Egypt's Orange Exports

Egypt the world's top exporter of oranges for two years in a row

A report released by the Central Administration for Agricultural Quarantine states that Egypt's exports of oranges during this season have hit 1,398,025 tons until October 14.

The report attributes Egypt's rank as the world's top exporter of oranges for two years in a row in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 to the high quality of the product, and the eagerness of Egyptian farmers to meet the standards of markets consuming their produce.

Published by: Egypt Today on 20 October 2020

sustainability through bioenergy

The Way to self-sufficiency, sustainability through bioenergy

Sustainability is the language of the future. And, efficiency has always been the language of business. In spite of the increasing care given to renewable energy, particularly solar and wind, bioenergy is still overlooked.

Published by: Egypt Daily on 4 September 2020

Egyptian Potatoes exports

Egypt’s potato exports hit 674K tons: Agriculture official

Egypt has exported a total of 674,480 tons of potatoes to world market, especially the European Union countries, since April 2020, according to Head of Central Administration of Plant Quarantine at the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Ahmed al-Attar.

Published by: Egypt Daily on 29 August 2020

Egypt’s agricultural sector with farmers in a wheat field

Agricultural sector currently safe from Covid-19 impacts: EABA

Egypt’s agricultural sector so far remains unaffected by the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, said Adel El-Ghandour, head of the agriculture committee at the Egyptian African Businessmen’s Association (EABA) on Tuesday.

Published by: Daily News on 7 July 2020

Enhancing Food security: Egypt increases 20/21 FY allocations for agriculture by 2%

Enhancing Food security: Egypt increases 20/21 FY allocations for agriculture by 2%

The Egyptian government boosted the investment funds for the agriculture and irrigation sector in the new fiscal year 2020/2021, with an increase of 2 percent, to enhance the state’s food security and rationalize the food imports, amid the crisis of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic.

Published by: Egypt Today on 21 June 2020

paddy cultivation

Choose the Varieties of Paddy According to Your Region & Get Maximum Yield

Paddy or rice is the most important food crop in India which covers a quarter of the total cropped area. Paddy is the food of about half of the Indian population. Paddy is grown successfully in regions with a hot climate. Paddy cultivation is also practiced in a wide area in Italy, Egypt, and Spain. 

Published by: Krishi Jagran on 15 June 2020. 


Egypt to resume poultry export after 14-year hiatus

Egypt will resume poultry exports after a 14-year hiatus following approval by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) to enlist Egypt among the countries with ‘avian influenza free establishments’ system, Egypt’s agriculture ministry said in a statement on Sunday. Egyptian companies that have shown no evidence of infection with avian influenza viruses will be able to resume exporting their products for the first time since exporting was suspended amid an outbreak of bird flu in Egypt in 2006. This includes different kinds of poultry products: day-old chicks, table eggs, fertilized eggs and broiler chickens. The move is expected to help boost poultry production, support the economy and increase Egypt’s foreign reserves, the minister said, adding that Egypt is currently self-sufficient in poultry and table eggs.

Published by: Ahram Online on 14 June 2020

Egypt Wheat supply

Growing Egypt's wheat supply

Egypt is improving its wheat supply chain to meet growing demand for bread. FAO and the EBRD are supporting the Egyptian Government and the industry in their efforts.

Published by: FAO on 11 June 2020

Farmers in an agriculture field

Egypt's agricultural exports tap into global markets during coronavirus period

Egypt's agricultural exports tapped into the global markets, including the US and European markets during the coronavirus crisis period because of their high quality, the Agriculture Ministry said on Monday.

Published by: Egypt Today on 27 April 2020