Sahara Webinars: Serving the Agricultural Sector

The Egyptian Livestock and Poultry Sector Webinar

Poultry farm

Sahara's  webinar was streamed live on Monday, June 28 at 2 PM. This webinar brought together the Egyptian experts on animal production, thereby shedding light on the opportunities in this vital sector and its forecasted development. 

The webinar recording is now available

*This webinar was presented in Arabic

Digital Transformation in the Field of Agriculture in Egypt and Africa Webinar

Digital transformation in Agriculture Webinar

Sahara Expo always seeks to support the market with the latest information in order to help all stakeholders of the agricultural sector including farmers, companies, and associations to find the best opportunities and achieve development for the industry in its various dimensions.

Consequently, Sahara is organizing this webinar in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation; Prime Project and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), to focus on the future vision of digital transformation in the agricultural sector, and to know the opinion of experts speaking about the importance of the project and how can the industry keep pace with this development.

You can now watch the webinar recording and discover the future of the agriculture industry.

Sustainable Farming In Egypt Webinar

Sustainable Farming in Egypt Webinar

Sahara organised this webinar in cooperation with the Market magazine, the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation; Ministry of Environment; Prime Project and Crop Life, to shed light on the most important opportunities and challenges of sustainable agriculture in Egypt, which presented an unprecedented opportunity to stay informed of the most important factors affecting the future of agriculture.

This webinar was streamed live in Arabic on 11 November 2020. 

Watch the recording to learn more about the latest agricultural sustainable developments in Egypt.

The Impact of The Pandemic on The Agricultural Sector in Egypt

Sahara Facebook Live about COVID impact on agricultural sector

Sahara organised this live session in cooperation with the Agricultural Database, to shed light on how COVID-19 is impacting the agricultural sector in Egypt, with special attention to the pesticides market.

This session was streamed live in Arabic on 6 July 2020. 

Watch the Facebook live video available now at your convenience.