The world getting a taste of Egyptian oranges

The period from December to June is one of the best periods for agricultural companies in Egypt, as it is the period of the Egyptian citrus harvest, the recovery of the economy and the production wheel, as huge numbers of land laborers work in the citrus sector, harvesting, packing stations, and many agricultural production inputs such as pesticides, fertilizers, and packing carton production factories. Egypt is one of the leading countries in citrus production globally, as it produces an average of 3.8 million tons annually, and approximately 1.6 million tons are exported to more than 50 countries around the world. The rest is consumed in the local market and in the juice and concentrate industries.

It is an honorable thing that all countries of the world taste and enjoy the taste of Egyptian oranges, and it requires us to preserve and take care of Egypt's position in the production of citrus fruits and to develop the sector with new varieties. The Egyptian season coincides with the season of Spain, Morocco and Turkey, which causes great competition in the export markets. Each country is working hard to export the best quality to take a larger share of the export markets.

Regarding situation of citrus this season for the farmers, Farmers in Egypt had hoped to receive higher prices as their costs has risen as well. However, the prices will not be higher than they were last year: “The expected price of mandarins is reaching about .30 USD at the farm, while orange prices are expected to range from .19 to .23 USD. Farmers are complaining about the rising costs of production and will be expecting even higher prices for their produce, but unfortunately for them the prices didn’t exceed the price range of the previous season.” 

Egypt has recently succeeded in exporting citrus fruits to the Japanese market, which is one of the very important markets, and we are working hard to open new markets for the Egyptian orange crop worldwide.

*This Blog was Guest authored  for Sahara Yield by Abdullah Tharwat Business development Manager Pyramids Agricultural Investment Co.

Abdullah works with many companies as an agricultural consultant and expert in exporting many crops, with heightened focus on citrus, in order to support the opening of new markets for the Egyptian product around the world.