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Farmers Review Africa

Farmers Review Africa published by Mailing Times media, is Africa’s premier farming magazine which provides the updates of news and analysis on topical issues of national and international importance in agriculture. It is a publication which links the technology applied in the Agricultural sector to the field experience of professionals of this area. All aspects of the Agricultural cycle, from tilling the land to transporting, fall within the realm on the interest of the journal. The journal, by design, offers advertisers unparalleled exposure to a captive audience




AgroPages is the industry's leading online media platform devoted exclusively to the global agricultural business, providing rich industry information, deep market analyses, powerful company and product searches, professional database and market reports, and personalized online marketing solutions for brand establishment.


AgriDB is the largest online agricultural platform in Egypt & Middle East for 8 years and has more than 500K visitors monthly to benefit from its various services, which include

• Directory of agricultural production companies and requirements.

• Directory of animal, poultry and fish production companies and supplies.

• Azr3 Sah - agricultural knowledge and information portal.

• AgriMarket - platform for selling and marketing crops locally and internationally.

• Shahbandar ElTogaar - the platform for financing, selling and direct collection between companies & merchants.


Hasad is a free agriculture scientific guidance magazine “Published every three months” and publish all that is new in the agricultural sector of articles, researches and journal releases. 

Hasad is edited by a group of journalists, researchers, consultants and engineers. The magazine is distributed free of charge to companies and farms, traders, plantations, agricultural research centers and commercial representation offices. 

The magazine has a website that contains an electronic version of the issues in pdf format that facilitates the reading and or downloading processes for the readers...

Hasad is participating in the agricultural events, such as seminars, workshops, conferences, festivals and exhibitions to communicate with workers and the employees in the agricultural sector, and even as means of communication between companies, farmers and traders for a mutual benefit for both parties.


Agricultural periodical magazine – Quarterly magazine

Rehana's Magazine editor family aims to define agricultural workers domain of modern agricultural techniques and the transfer of accumulated experience by streamlining information available through specialists renowned for their expertise and practice of scientists and research centers of the Egyptian universities.

It has become the development of the Egyptian farming methods and goals, and a very increased productivity to achieve remunerative farms where traditional agriculture is facing many problems have led to lower production and the reluctance of many people to invest in this area.

We are fully aware that there are many newspapers and magazines have preceded us in this area and to be issued to each of the news organizations ancient. So, we are in the edit Rehana Magazine family not looking for competition, but we aim to excellence and providing honest information and practical experience in order to raise awareness of the importance of scientific method in the agricultural field, where agriculture is no longer a profession of whom without work but became a science and function.

The increase and improvement in agricultural production is the only entrance to increase agricultural exports and open new export windows, so we will focus in Rehana Magazine pages on all the techniques and methods that will help to reach this purpose, hoping that the Rehana Magazine will be a new addition to the agricultural field. 

God behind the intent. Rehana’s Magazine editor family.


Egyptian specialized scientific agricultural magazine. Covering all the important events of the agricultural sector and livestock exhibitions, conferences, scientific research and studies indicate an important sector. Addressing the most important and the largest and latest news from the sector and contains the most powerful articles that are the most important topics that help workers in the sector and in charge of it and interested in it to achieve lasting growth and expansion in areas of interest in their work. Issued every three months, only four issues a year, 46 issues were issued, so far by the company's global marketing ICM with her long experience in the production of newspapers, magazines and scientific evidence niche. Overseeing the preparation of material written by a broad variety of the most prominent figures working in agricultural sector. Distributed for free to the most important and largest farms in all governorates of Egypt and the desert roads and the most important and the biggest personalities that run the sector and the members of each agricultural societies in Egypt and the most important figures working bodies of the agricultural sector and sectors involved with such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources and agricultural colleges in Upper Egypt as a whole union of agricultural and agricultural occupations, and all its branches and agricultural research centers and foreign chambers of commerce in Egypt, and the largest hotels and resorts, banks and major hospitals in Egypt.

Aswaq News

Independent weekly economic newspaper

Commodity Markets

An independent electronic economic newspaper issued by "Commodity Media for Advertising", seeking to express all economic sectors, and to monitor, follow-up and analyze all news related to the prices of goods and services in the local and international markets.

The first issue of "commodity markets" magazine was published on August 16, 2020, and the website was published in early September of the same year, and the first news bulletin specialized in covering the agricultural and food industries sectors "Food Bulletin" was issued in April 2021.