Animal Production

Poultry is one of the main agricultural industries in Egypt. It contributes 10 percent of agricultural value added, with the country producing over 1 million tons of poultry meat. Per capita consumption is approximately 15 kg of poultry meat per year3 . The sector is highly heterogeneous, comprising of large integrated, specialized producers and at least 11 million households keeping chickens and other poultry. Stakeholders have identified two main poultry production systems in Egypt, intensive/commercial and extensive/household.

Cattle and buffaloes, production in Egypt: a snapshot

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The bovine sector is well integrated with cropland since Egypt has limited natural pastures. Female cattle and buffaloes are used for milk production, while male animals and infertile females are fattened for meat. Cattle and buffaloes make up about 23 percent of total agricultural value, a total of 73.5 billion EGP of which 66 percent is meat production and 34 percent milk production. Per capita consumption in 2015 was approximately 11 kg of red meat and 59 kg milk6 . The bovine production system is highly heterogeneous, comprising of large integrated specialized producers along with small scale farms and households keeping cattle and buffaloes. There are three main cattle and buffalo production systems intensive, semi-intensive and extensive