Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery is an integral part of the farming process, and a major investment for farmers. With nearly 15m people working in agriculture in Egypt, this is a huge sector, with the following sectors being represented at Sahara:

- Hand Tools

- Tractors

- Fertilizers and Pesticides Spreaders

- Loading Equipment and Wagon

- Spare Parts

- Planting and Harvesting Machinery

Future of agriculture

High quality exhibitors

Farm machinery needs to be intelligent, lean, precise and efficient in order to minimize the impact on the soil and the landscape. Two of the farming activities that have the greatest impact on the environment are soil tillage, because it can severely damage soil ecology, and pesticide application.

Special machinery is needed to plant seeds and apply fertilizer through the mulch at the correct depth without disturbing the crop residues. An added advantage to this type of mechanization is that, without the need for high-draught tillage, lower powered and therefore cheaper tractors can be used. These lighter machines have the added advantage of not compacting and therefore damaging the soil like a heavy tractor would.

The use of agrochemicals for the management of insect pests, disease and weeds can have a significant impact on the environment. Besides reducing pesticide use overall through integrated pest management including biological control, when chemicals are necessary they can be used with greater precision since it is estimated that about 50 percent of all pesticides applied do not reach their intended target. Many technological innovations exist to improve this situation, for example, low drift nozzles and spray shields.